Program Eligibility and Registration

Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Pathways to Education program, students must fall within the geographic area. These students are eligible to enroll in the program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstance. Initial enrollment begins in grade 9 and students remain in the program until the end of grade 12. Students can enroll in any grade but must participate in two qualifying years to access the scholarship.

Catchment Area - Halifax

Please note: The Pathways Spryfield office is now located at 531 Herring Cove Road.

Questions about Eligibility:

Families that have questions about our eligibility criteria should contact:
Katie Phillips, Program Manager
(902) 477-0964 ext. 24


Families interested in registering their student for the Pathways Spryfield program should contact:
(902) 477-0964 ext. 10