Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education is a national, community-based program, supporting youth education and helping students reach high school graduation. Our goal is to make sure that all eligible youth in the Spryfield area are well equipped to pursue post-secondary education and/or meaningful employment.

Why Pathways Spryfield

With a 55% graduation rate in the Pathways Spryfield catchment area, Chebucto Connections, along with other organizations, knew it was time to act. Through researching a wide variety of best practices and programs, Pathways to Education was chosen as the most appropriate program for the Spryfield community. Following a long community assessment the Pathways Spryfield program came to life in 2010. Pathways supports the current efforts of educators and experts already working with Spryfield youth. The program brings community resources together to achieve a common goal of providing students the extra support they need to be successful in school.  Founded in 2001 in Toronto’s Regent Park, the program has continued to expand to 12 other communities in Canada.

In 2014 Chebucto Connections will have its first Pathways Graduating class. We have tracked student information over the past 4 years and are confident the efforts of Chebucto Connections and other Spryfield organizations will be changing the rates at which students graduate in Spryfield.

How does Pathways Work?

The Pathways to Education Program provides four key supports to ensure that young people will successfully complete high school, continue on to post-secondary programs and become actively engaged in their career development.

The four supports are:

  • Academic Support – Tutoring in five core subjects, four nights a week
  • Leadership  – Group mentoring for grades 9 and 10, specialty and career mentoring for grades 11 and 12
  • Financial Support – Immediate financial support, such as free bus tickets, which are tied to attendance and program participation, as well as a scholarship for post-secondary education (up to $2,000 per student in the program)
  • Advocacy – Student-Parent Support Workers help connect teens, parents, school administration, teachers and community agencies

Who is Eligible?

Pathways students must fall within the geographic area. These students are eligible to enroll in the program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstance. Initial enrollment begins in grade 9 and students remain in the program until the end of grade 12. Students can enroll in any grade however must participate in two qualifying years to access the scholarship. Families interested in getting their student involved should contact one of our Pathways Coordinators to confirm eligibility and make an appointment to get registered. Please visit the Pathways Staff Directory page for individual contact information or call the main office line at 902-477-0964.

Interested in Volunteering with Pathways Spryfield?

There are opportunities to volunteer as an academic support tutor, mentoring/leadership volunteer, snack support volunteer, specialty/career facilitator, and more!

Volunteer recruitment for Pathways is ongoing throughout the school year (September-June) and we are always looking for individuals to join our team. For more information on becoming a volunteer with Pathways Spryfield or for an application package, please contact Kelly Keating at or by phone at (902) 471-1570.