Pandemic Safety Policy


It is important to provide policy and procedures to ensure staff, volunteers and clients/ participants remain safe when working at or seeking support from Chebucto Connections. Our policy may differ from that of the province or other organisations due to the vulnerable populations we work with.

This policy will be reviewed monthly by the Management Team and any decision to change the policy will be approved based on infection, hospitalisation and testing information available.


Numbers of participants/clients in either program space at Chebucto Connections: 25

Staying Home

All staff are reminded to stay home if they are not feeling, waiting for test results or know they were a close contact to an individual who tested positive for COVID. Staff not able to work are required to let their manager know the situation and if they are using sick time or will complete work from home.

Staff coming to the workplace unwell will be sent home by their manager.

For information on COVID, testing, vaccinations, clinics or other health related information please visit:

Rapid Antigen Testing

It is strongly recommended that all staff complete a minimum of one COVID-19 screening (asymptomatic rapid testing) per week as workplace testing helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces.

Chebucto Connections may, from time to time, offer voluntary testing for staff. When this is available staff will be notified, via email, of the procedures.

Employee PPE

Masks and Social Distancing

   Precautionary steps to limit illness.  (2 metres separation)
Between employeesDuring work hours, employees are required to wear a mask in all common areas, meeting and program spaces where there are interactions with clients, students and the public, as well as areas where people cannot maintain a minimum physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others.
Between employees and clients/participants/volunteersIt is recommended that staff wear their mask when working and meeting off-site. Clients and participants are asked COVID screening questions before they enter the building. Clients and participants are asked to sanitize their hands. While masking is optional, Public Health recommends wearing a mask indoors and all clients, participants, volunteers and guests are encouraged to wear a mask upon entering. No one will be turned away but additional precautions may be taken by staff.

Cleaning Schedules

   Steps taken to ensure minimal interaction of people.  (2 metres separation)
  All employeesEmployees must clean any space they use when finished including equipment, furniture and high-touch items like doorknobs, light switches, and commonly used areas like washrooms, desks and tabletops. Staff will be provided with cleaning solutions or wipes. It is recommended that staff disinfect phones, computers and other handheld devices on a regular basis.
All employees, clients, participants and volunteersWash your hands often (in addition to routine times such as after using the washroom, before eating, when handling food for the public). Cough/sneeze into your chelidon/elbow pit or tissue and throw away. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.

Testing Positive

Should staff test positive they are asked to review and following the guidelines in the Nova Scotia Self-Isolation Requirements for Positive Cases here:

Close Contacts

Should staff be informed they were in close contact with someone who tested positive they are asked to review and follow the guidelines in the Nova Scotia Isolation Requirements for Close Contacts here: