We are looking for financial support.

Please consider making a donation to help us feed 150 households or more this holiday season. Our fundraising goal is $8000 and every dollar donated helps.

Food insecurity is a growing concern for people in our city, our province, even our country. More and more food banks are reporting increased numbers of people walking through the doors looking for help. We know the impacts of empty cupboards. From risking a persons physical and mental health, to reduced concentration, even creating the feeling of low self-worth access to food is a growing concern.

At Chebucto Connections we offer nutrient dense food packs to anyone in need every two weeks. During December we put together a special, extra large, pack to help people get through those weeks when access to food may be even harder. Our Holiday Food Packs include not only our regular fruits and vegetables but also non-perishables that can help keep the cupboards stocked and stomachs full.

This year we hope to fill our packs with fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs and sweets and treats for families and individuals in Spryfield who need help.

We need your help to make this happen.  Please consider making a donation to support the countless number of people in need this year.

Our volunteers, staff and board of directors thank you.