ECHO (Eastern Chebucto Hub Opportunities) is a multidisciplinary network that works in partnership to improve service delivery, service accessibility, and organizational efficiency through a greater level of co-operation and collaboration. More than a network, ECHO is a way in which local agencies work together to serve community.

Relationships are at the heart of community development and at the heart of ECHO, too. It’s important for community organizations to have positive, established relationships with one another to ensure the needs of the community are met. For example, when applying for funding, partners can be strategic about it (i.e. Community Van) as well as support one another’s efforts to obtain funding for an important program or initiative (Community Food Market) or work together to keep an initiative going (Book Bonanza) or create a new initiative (Diagnosing Poverty-Prescribing Possibilities). Referring a client to another human being (ECHO partner) – or taking a client to meet with them – makes it more likely that the community member will engage with the support offered.

A beneficial side effect of ECHO is that it is also a network of moral support. Though frequently uplifting, this work is also emotionally taxing and it can be both frustrating and heartbreaking to see the same issues again and again and the impact that has on the people we serve and care about. This leaves folks who work in this field vulnerable to burnout, which makes this support all the more meaningful.


For more information or to learn how you may get involved in ECHO, please contact the Community Support & Outreach Manager Tara Kinch at 902-477-0964 ext.25