African Heritage Filming Schedule

Thank you for joining us. 

On Thursday, February 24th we hosted the last of our virtual film presentations with GEN LIB by Kordeena Clayton. “A film capturing the power of protest and people who believe in a non- racist society. The film is about peaceful protests that happened in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2020 regarding Anti-Black racism, social injustice and police brutality” The film’s director, Kordeena shared her time with as as we discussed the film, answer questions and sharing future plans.


On Thursday, February 10th we hosted a virtual viewing of The North Star: Finding Black Mecca, by Angel Panag. “This award-winning film explores the stories of the Black community in the southwestern Ontario municipality of Chatham-Kent, the past and present of people who have helped shape this country but are often left out of its textbooks” If you weren’t able to join us or would like to watch it again, please click here.

On Thursday, February 17th we hosted a virtual viewing of Africville: Can’t stop now, by Juanita Peters. “Located on the northern shore of Bedford Basin, Africville was home to the many African-Canadian families who lived there for generations. In the 1960s, the city of Halifax expropriated Africville and residents were forced to leave their homes and businesses behind. Today, former residents of Africville are fighting for reparations and an official apology. This film presents a community that has survived despite having lost its home” If you weren’t able to join us but would like to know more about Africville please visit there website by clicking here.