Food Market

Chebucto Connections is committed to providing fresh produce, bread and friendly faces.

The market will not be open to the public to come in and shop but we will still be providing produce packs free of charge to community members that are struggling during this time. People that are receiving help will be contacted to pick up their food. If you require assistance with food please call 902-477-0964 ext 10 or email and leave your name, number and a brief message.

What are we doing?

In March of 2020 we were all impacted by the shut down from the Covid-19 virus. Knowing that food insecurity didn’t disappear but only grew we shifted from an open food market that provided low cost fresh produce to offering free per-packaged produce packs. Through donations and funding  we are able to give out 100 produce packs on a bi-weekly basis to community members to help boost their food budget. We believe that access to nutrient dense fresh food is a right and as a community development agency we are committed to developing and delivering, innovative programs that address key community issues.

Why do we do this?

  • Food insecurities contribute to higher healthcare cost
  • Food insecurity is associated with childhood mental health problems such as hyperactivity and inattention
  • Adults with food insecurity are more vulnerable to chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and back problems
  • The risk in both children, youth and adults experiencing anxiety disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts increases with food insecurity.

The Canadian Food Guide encourages people to eat a well balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruit. Eating a well balanced diet is costly making it hard for people that are on a tight budget the luxury of providing such a diet to themselves and family.

The Community Market is made possible through funding from United Way of Halifax, Community Food Centres Canada, Building Vibrant Communities Program and our generous Donors.