Spryfield Family Task Force

Chebucto Connections facilitates this task force with community agencies focused on family issues.  Members include staff from Edward Jost Children’s Centre, Single Parent Centre, St. Paul’s Family Resources Institute, Progress Centre for Early Intervention, Dalhousie University School of Nursing, Halifax Regional School Board, Chebucto West Community Health Board, and others.  The Committee believes that early timing and a coordinated approach to a range of neighbourhood-based services is essential for achieving the greatest positive impact on children and creating strong and healthy families.  Strong and healthy families are a predictor of better outcomes for children and youth, and their continued success well into adulthood.  In addition, a viable economy contributes to, and requires, strong and healthy families. Freeing up parents’ time through accessible, affordable child care helps parents to:

  • Further their education
  • Develop employment skills
  • Gain meaningful employment to increase family income

This helps create a skilled workforce, a viable and sustainable local economy, and greater family health and well-being.

The Family Support Task Force established a 5-year, collective goal of improving school readiness among local children that included: Physical health and well-being, Social skills, Emotional maturity, Language and thinking skills and Communication skills and general knowledge.

Annual Spryfield Book Bonanza
People can bring any books they don’t want, and anyone can take away for free any books they would like to have.  Held each spring.

Book Buddies
Families borrow a bag of books for children ages 0 to 7 that includes a puppet, puppet diary, and 5 activity cards. When families return one bag, they can borrow another bag.  Book Buddies is located at Single Parent Centre, Edward Jost Children’s Centre (both day care buildings), and St. Paul’s Family Resources Institute.

Parenting Fair
The annual Parenting Fair presents a wealth of resources for families. Agencies and service providers from across HRM come to Spryfield to share their knowledge and expertise. One resource that provides year-round activities for parents with children is the month-by-month calendar with suggested activities to promote physical health and well-being, social skills, emtional maturity, language and thinking skills, and communication and general knowledge skills.

Wee Cook – Together!
This literacy and nutrition research project was carried out in partnership with the Read to Me! Program and was funded by the Family Literacy Initiative Endowment Fund.  A small ‘shopping bag’ contains booklets about food and nutrition, a child-size apron and chef’s hat, measuring cups and spoons, and a wooden spoon for stirring. The Wee Cook – Together! bags are being distributed by local agencies to families with 3- to 4-year-old children.

We add value to community by supporting healthy growth and learning by our young children, providing accessible childcare for families and building resources that support parenting, literacy & economic & community well-being.

We add value to community by helping people help themselves.