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Focusing on abroad diversity of activities and experiences that build resilience, Building Resilience in Spryfield Kids (BRISK) includes efforts to provide Spryfield children with key learnings and supports that contribute towards:

  • An immediate need for safe, positive, supervised summer engagement.
  • The longer term goal of mitigating future mental health issues.
  • Increased capacity for healthy problem solving and decision-making.
  • Building a greater sense of inner strength to manage peer pressure and social influence.

The BRISK day camp usually runs during the summer months and provides free week-long programming for local children aged 7 to 11 years old who experience one or more forms of anxiety and/or depression.

Through the BRISK program children are provided with interactive, engaging summer activities in a nurturing environment while learning and practicing tools, language, and culture taught in research-based resiliency-building activities. BRISK works to build strength, connection, and capacity in local children by furthering their confidence and capacity, while working to prevent the disintegration of any resiliency-building skills they have acquired during the school year.